Specular takes a critical look at the current trends in self-tracking and the sale of its own data. Through this project we want to encourage you to think more about your own data and shed light on it from a critical point of view.

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A major part of the project was research into what data is at all, how it is handled and what potential this personally collected data has.

We have used many methods to design a system that meets some aspects. In addition, there were surveys and tests which enabled us to work on the product in a targeted manner.

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By creating an appealingly friendly app, easy handling of tracking devices and attractive offers from companies, we want to level the hurdle for the user to sell his own data as good as possible.

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The app serves as an interface for the sale of user data. Companies can advertise offers which serve to access data of user groups in a targeted way. The company gives an offer for which the user is remunerated. In addition, the user has access to all his collected data and his finances.

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The prototypes illustrate how data is tracked in our system. We decided to use a fork and a cup to track the nutrition.

The two prototypes are connected to an Arduino. The Arduino sends the data via a node server to a framer prototype which then visually displays what has been detected for a foodstuff.



4th Semester, interface design - by Fabian Gronbach
with Marius Schnabel