feedback for gestures

We designed minimal feedback to enhance the usage of gesture controlled devices.


A big problem with gesture control is that there is no direct feedback from devices. The purpose is to improve precision and safety of gesture control.


Before starting the user tests, we thought of "universal" gestures for setting values and confirming them (or triggering something).
We chose an up/down movement of the flat hand as value-setting gesture and closing the hand for confirming.



A large part of this project was testing different types of feedback, including tactile, visual and auditive feedback.


end result

A single RGB LED gives feedback on a red-green scale. We differentiate between an inactive and an active state, the device is inactive per default and becomes active if a hand enters the tracked volume. In inactive state the LEDs brightness is reduced, it displays the correct color an doesn’t distract the user. A brighter active state signals the user they can now perform a gesture or, more specifically, input a value. The LEDs color changes whenever the user slides through different values. If an upper or a lower bound is reached the user gets notified with two flashes of the LED (the Led switches briefly to inactive). To confirm a value, the user can form a fist with his hand and the LED confirms with a brief flash.

enter area

As long as no hand is tracked in the volume, the device lowers its brightness to show inactivity.

choose value

When a hand enters the volume it lights up and the user can select values. The LED shows the user where he is in the selectable value range.

min / max

Should they cross the upper or lower boundaries, the LED blinks twice to indicate that raising or lowering their hand will not change values anymore.

set value

By doing the showed pinch-gesture, a chosen value can be saved. This prototype changes its fan speed accordingly. When no hand is tracked the device switches to standby and the LED lowers its brightness.


The user can exit the volume at any height and the value gets a reset.


4rd Semester
invention design - by Jörg Beck 
with Kai Magnus Müller and Kai Wanschura