100 years Bauhaus

In this exhibit you get to know about feelings, emotions and longings of the students, lecturers and people of the universities Bauhaus, HfG Ulm, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd.


We have designed an exhibit for a travelling exhibition for the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. The exhibit consists of a box with several slipcases, which contains quotation.


The surface of the exhibit contains flashing fields from that can be selected by pressing one. The field rises and the responsible university appears on the screen. Now the viewer can move the already selected field up one level, whereby he reaches a deeper information level and sees the quote.



During the action just described, another field may begin to light up on the level. By pressing again it is possible to view a comparable quote in addition to the original by dragging the newly proposed field up to the quote level. The selected quotations are then compared independently. An evaluation appears on the screen, which shows similarities between the quotations.


The position is detected by rotary potentiometers on each slipcase and sent by node to a framer prototype which displays the content on a wall. Another beamer lights up the fields you can press.



4th Semester
interactive communications design - by Marc Guntow
with Manuel Götz, Marina Kuhn, Miriam Vollmeier